Living in the capital, Londoners are fortunate enough to have a huge choice when it comes to public transport. There are trains, tubes, buses and trams galore that owning a car is not a necessity like it is in other parts of the UK. However, there are times when booking a London car rental is the best solution

Going back to uni

At the start and end of university terms, students often have to bring back all their belongings. Sometimes universities rent out student accommodation during the holidays, which means they need to be vacant. In this case, it would be impossible to carry all their clothes, posters, food and appliances in just a suitcase. 

Even if they do not have to empty their room, they might want to bring back more stuff than they can carry, in which case their parents may get a call to pick them – and their laundry – up. 

Weekends away 

Although London is so well-connected and you can find a train to anywhere in the country, if you are going away for a weekend with friends, it is often more cost-effective to split the price of a car hire and fuel instead of buying separate train tickets. 

It is also cheaper than each person driving themselves, and sharing a car means you can be flexible about set off and return times. 


Wedding venues are often in remote locations, which means getting public transport there and back can sometimes be tricky. What’s more, wedding receptions often finish past midnight, when trains, buses and tubes might not be operating anymore. Having a car available, however, means you don’t have to rush back to catch your last tube home

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