Transport for London (TfL) will be able to restrict Just Stop Oil protestors blocking roads in the capital after winning a court order. 

The Evening Standard reported that TfL was approved the injunction by the High Court after a meeting took place between the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, home secretary Suella Vraverman, cabinet officer Nadhim Zahawi and the Metropolitan Police. 

Mr Khan told the news provider: “I accept that there is a climate emergency and I accept we have got to take action.”

He added: “[However], it’s made the cause much harder when stories emerge of ambulances being delayed, fire engines being delayed, people not being able to get to hospital appointments.”

Police have already made 470 arrests during October, including 26 who were taken into custody for their wilful obstruction of the highway after blocking the A4 Talgarth Road in central London.

They sat on the road with their banners, some gluing themselves to the ground or locking themselves to each other to prevent traffic travelling through.  

The road, which is close to the Natural History and Victoria & Albert Museums, caused disruption for commuters and tourists for around two hours. 

Earlier this week, two protestors attached themselves to the Queen Elizabeth II bridge on the River Thames. 

They suspended themselves 200ft above the water, sleeping in hammocks and causing the Dartford Crossing to close for 36 hours. 


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