Drivers in London who are found to be breaking the speed limit could be issued fines by the local authority, instead of adding pressure on to the Metropolitan Police. 

Wandsworth Council is running a pilot scheme that will penalise anyone exceeding a 20mph limit on two busy residential roads, after receiving numerous complaints about speeding vehicles in the area. 

Councillor Simon Hogg noted that while the Metropolitan Police typically focuses on main roads and dual carriageways, most residents are concerned about the driving habits on smaller residential roads. 

Therefore, this is where the council will concentrate its resources, with Mr Hogg stating: “Ensuring drivers stick to the 20mph limit not only improves safety levels and encourages more people to walk or cycle, it helps reduce harmful emissions too.”

Anyone who is caught speeding on Wimbledon Park Road and Priory Lane on camera will be sent warning letters during an initial period. Following this, speeding drivers will receive penalty charge notices (PCNs), fining culprits £130. Those who pay within 14 days will have this reduced by 50 per cent. p100

However, they will not receive penalty points on their driving licence, and the money accrued from fines will be put back into improving road safety initiatives in the local area. 

RAC road safety spokesperson Simon Williams has shown his support for the pilot, stating it has “the potential to dramatically improve compliance, which has to be a positive road safety step”. 

If the initiative is success, other London boroughs are likely to follow suit and introduce similar schemes. 


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