A rental car has to play several contradicting roles at once. It needs to be dependable yet exciting, familiar yet uniquely special, and it needs to not only be long-lasting and enduring, but also continue to feel like it has come fresh from the showroom floor.

As a result, the most popular rental cars tend to be either truly dependable favourites that people drive around in whilst on holiday, or luxury vehicles that help take a person on a business trip from place to place.

Here are some of the most popular cars available to rent.


Tesla Model 3

Featuring one of the longest ranges of any electric car on the market, the Tesla Model 3 is a popular choice for travellers who want to save money on fuel, whilst still featuring capable handling, a lot of in-car features and accessories, as well as quick acceleration.

As an EV, its true range will depend on the grade of the battery so it is important to check this before renting, but a well-kept Model 3 could have a range of over 300 miles on a single charge.


Toyota Corolla

One of the most popular cars on the market to buy and rent, the Toyota Corolla has a reputation for dependable reliability that makes it an ideal travelling companion.

The Corolla has low running costs that have been reduced further by the use of petrol-hybrid engines, are comfortable to drive and retains this comfort after tens of thousands of miles, ensuring that an older Corolla will still feel like-new.

Whilst far from spectacular, it is a popular hire choice because it is seldom a wrong one.


Mercedes C-Class

Fitting comfortably between the compact A-Class and the more luxurious E-Class and S-Class lines, the C-Class gives renters a taste of the luxury that comes as a natural part of the Silver Arrows experience.

Alongside comfortable leather seats and support for a range of smart device features, the C-Class also offers a range of driving assistance tools, such as braking assist, blind spot assist, lane keeping assist and preventative systems to help avoid potential collisions and accidents as much as possible.


Ford Mustang

By contrast, if you want to add a level of excitement and adventure to a journey, the more recent right-hand drive models of Ford’s flagship Mustang provide this excitement without causing too much chaos to your wallet.

Arguably the most famous muscle car name in history, the Mustang combines power and excitement with a range of practical and comfortable features, as well as support for both a 6-speed manual and 10-speed automatic gearbox.


BMW 330e

BMW 3-series cars have always been exceptionally popular rental favourites, particular for use as company cars, and the most recent plug-in-hybrid 330e is no exception to this.

Featuring a responsible combination of a two-litre petrol engine with a powerful electric motor, the car feels as comfortable and responsive as a classic 3-series car but with significantly lower running costs, felt most acutely with the types of short-term rentals common with company cars.

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