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Terms & Conditions

Airport Transfers

All rates are in pounds sterling and inclusive of Collision Damage Waiver, VAT and 24 hours roadside assistance. Daily rates apply to a 24 hour period.


Rates include Collision Damage Waiver, but there is an excess on every rental which is indicated to the hirer at the time of rental. Collision damage waiver (CDW) does not cover damage to the mirrors, aerials, tyres, loss of off pull-out-stereos, overhead damage to vans and interior damage. Extra charge for valeting will occur if the condition of the vehicle on return, both inside and outside is in a worse condition. (E.g. liquid spillages, animal hair or any cigarette burns).

Collision Damage Waiver Is NOT Insurance

Third Party Insurance (TPI) offers unlimited indemnity in respect of third party injuries and property damage; LCR rates include TPI as required by law.

Premium CDW

Customers have the option to reduce the excesses applicable by purchasing Premium CDW. Premium CDW cover reduces or in some cases removes the excess applicable to the rental. Payment will be required at the commencement of the rental and the cost will vary dependent on the hirer and the vehicle hired, Premium CDW does not include cover for damage to the mirrors, aerials, tyres, loss of off pull-out-stereos, overhead damage to vans, fridge units and interior damage.

Examples of the charges for Premium CDW are below
Premium CDW Cost per Day Reduction
Groups A-D (Cars) £10.00 Excess from £600 – £300
Groups E-K (Cars) £15.00 Excess from £700 – £350
Groups M1 – M5 (People Carriers) £15.00 Excess from £800 – £350
Group S1 – S8 (Prestige Cars) £20.00 Excess from £1500 – £500
Group V1 – V5 (Commercials)* £12.50 Excess from £800 – £350
Freezer Vans FV1 – FV5(Freezer Vans)* £15.00 Excess from £800 – £350
Additional And Young Drivers

For a small additional charge additional drivers can be added. To qualify as an Additional Driver, the renter must show a valid driving licence at time of rental and be at least 23 years of age. For young drivers aged between 23 and 24, a small charge will apply.


We accept all major credit cards. A credit and residency check will be carried out. Proof of identity is required (e.g. passport, utility bill, flight details etc…). Deposits for estimated charges are required at the commencement of rental. Any refund of deposit, may take up to 28 days to be refunded , due to various parking regulations e.g. Congestion Charges, Bus Lane fines etc.

Driving License
  • Rental will be subject to a verification of the renter’s license and any additional drivers’. All renters/drivers are subject to having their driving records and licences checked. If a renter/driver does not meet the applicable rental requirements, including the guidelines for driving licences and driving records, they may be denied a rental. LCR is not responsible for the failure of any renter/driver to qualify for a rental under these requirements or guidelines.
  • LCR may verify your driving record with the local driving authorities. Renter must hold a valid drivers license for a minimum of 3 years.
Age Requirement

The minimum age for vehicle groups A-C and V1-V3  is 23 and varies according to the vehicle group / type.

Delivery And Collection

Delivery and Collection services are available on request. Delivery and collection service can be arranged for all London airports by request only. Vehicle will be returned at specified time of return. Any delays will be charged at 1/5 of the daily rate plus VAT, up to 5 hrs. Vehicle must be returned during office hours. Weekend rental start from Friday 13:00 hrs to Monday 09:00 hrs.( except Bank Holidays etc )

Foreign Travel

Vehicles may not be taken overseas without prior written consent. Overseas usage will incur an additional charge. Details on request.

Overtime / Late Charges

Vehicles returned after the pre-calculated return date/time of the pre-calculated return date/time will be charged an additional per-hour overtime rate.

  • Overtime for the reserved rate of the vehicle is billed on a prorated hourly basis up to the daily rate.
  • All other charges/optional items purchased at the counter (coverage products, child seats, etc) are billed at the full daily rate.

Vehicles returned over three hours later than the pre-calculated return date and time will be charged the full daily rate or extra day rate depending on the length of rental.

Fuel Charges

All rentals will be provided with a full tank of fuel. All Vehicles must be returned with the same level of fuel. Otherwise 15% charge will apply to the pump price to fill the vehicle.

Additional Conditions Of Hire

An administration fee of £35.00 (excluding tax) will apply per fine for parking / traffic or congestion charge fines.

In Central London the city has imposed a congestion charge scheme which is payable daily, Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sundays exempt) for each day that a vehicle moves within the zone.

The daily charge of GBP8 and is payable either by phone on 0845 900 1234 or on There is a fixed penalty for non payment.

The hirers attention is drawn to current regulations which impose severe penalties for loading vehicle in excess of their payload or seating capacity.

LCR reserves the right to refuse any rental business without disclosing the reason.

Payment / Identification

Customer must meet London Car Rentals requirements to rent a vehicle. All renters will be required to provide a deposit in addition to the rental charges taken in advance of the rental commencing. When the rental vehicle is returned in accordance with the rental terms and conditions, the deposit will be refunded at the time of rental and in some instances; the refund will be mailed to the customer following the return of the rental vehicle.

The renter must have funds to cover excess and fuel prepayment

Please see below for customer identification requirements –
In addition to the above, rentals in the UK require photo identification by either a driving licence and counterpart OR old style full driving licence and one of the following, confirming address:-

1. Evidence of place of employment

2. Building society deposit book/statement

3. TV licence

4. Bank statement


If you have a new style Photo Driving licence which commenced in July, 1998 then you must bring both parts of the license with you

Old style paper licences (which do show endorsements) will be valid until their expiry date however you must also produce a valid passport or another form of ID

Licences issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence, otherwise an International Driving Licence will be required along with a passport.

Also, endorsement restrictions on driving licenses apply. If any of the following endorsements appear on your driving license then we will be unable to rent you a vehicle: UT, IN, DD/DR (within 5 years of offence). Also two or more periods of disqualification.

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