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Peugeot Partner
van hire in Wembley, van hire in London


  • Peugeot Partner VAN
  • Interior Dimensions
  • Length=1.5m Or 5.9ft
  • Width=1.3m Or 4.1ft
  • Width=1.3m Or 4.1ft
  • Payload=800Kg
Group : V1
1-2 days Price ( per day):£52.00
3-6 days Price ( per day):£46.00
Mileage Allowance ( per day):100
7days+ (per day) (minimum rental 7 days):£31.00
Mileage Allowance per week:700
Weekend Price:£98
Mileage Allowance:300
Excess Mileage:£0.15

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